Canadian Prairie Spring Red Wheat (CPSR)

  •  AAC Penhold (Download spec sheet)

    • Short with strong straw

    • Excellent disease package minimizing the use of fungicide

    • Higher protein than AC Foremost

    • Heavy Test Weight

Canadian Western Red Spring Wheat (CWRS)

  •  AAC Redwater (Download spec sheet)

    • Very early- in our experience if you get it seeded early, it can be harvested early September

    • Excellent Grade Retention

    • Very good sprouting resistance

    • High Protein

  • ACC Connery (Download spec sheet)

  • Awnless

  • Very high yield

  • Short, strong straw

  • Excellent disease resistance

  • Early maturity

  • Good resistance to sprouting

  • Maintains quality in poor weather

  • Does not lodge (Fall of 2018)

  • Difficult to thrash

  • Pintail Winter Wheat

  • Great winter survival

  • Moderate height

  • Good forage quality

  • Good choice for fall seeded cereal