•  CDC Copeland (Download spec sheet) 

    • Still has the best Malt Acceptance 
    • Top Yielding malt/feed 
    • High forage volume 


  •  CDC Austenson (Download spec sheet)

    • 2 Row with consistently high yield
    • Stands up great, short strong straw
    • Large plump kernels with a heavy bushel weight


  •  CDC Maverick (Download spec sheet)

    • 2 Row with Smooth Awns

    • Great for silage, green feed and swath grazing

    • Tall with fair lodging resistance

    • Ideal for areas with low input, lighter soils or drought conditions

  •  Sundre (Download spec sheet) 

    • Smooth Awn 
    • Great green feed or silage
    • High biomass production